Don't Forgo Your Safety in Casper, WY or Cushing, OK

3 reasons you need supplies from Wyoming Safety Supply for your job site or workplace

You've made sure you have the equipment you need to finish your construction or industrial project, but did you remember the safety gear? If not, call Wyoming Safety Supply. You need to have access to the proper equipment while working to:

  1. Protect your head, eyes, ears and hands
  2. Ensure no one else gets hurt
  3. Complete your job as efficiently as possible

We sell hardhats, ear plugs, earmuffs and gloves. Call 307-333-6203 for our Casper, Wyoming location or 918-223-9315 for our Cushing, Oklahoma location now to order the safety supplies you need for your next project.

Keep your employees safe on the job site

As an employer, you don't want to be liable for any damages that might occur. Wyoming Safety Supply will sell you the construction or industrial safety gear you need to prevent your employees from getting hurt, and you from getting sued. Your workers will appreciate you looking out for their welfare.

Contact us today to schedule your industrial safety gear delivery in Casper, Wyoming or Cushing, Oklahoma.